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We make the retirement process easier for our clients so they retire confidently without having the stresses of wondering what they missed or didn’t understand throughout the federal retirement process. Let us help guide you through the tough choices so you don’t need to make those decisions alone.


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With most agency HR departments and local retirement assistance positions being consolidated or removed, the need for explanation is growing dramatically. We help by stepping in to help explain not only your benefits and the choices you have, but how to put it all together. As laws change, taxes change, and life changes we help make sure that every dollar being saved for retirement is going in the best place possible based on your individual situation. When changes need to be made (and they will), we can help determine what changes to make, and how to make them.

We treat our clients as family and have an open-door policy so that when life happens, you have someone to turn to that has your best interest in heart. You don’t get do-overs in retirement. We have come across so many employees that have been misled or didn’t fully understand the consequences of their choices, and we were able to help them understand those choices and move forward in a positive way.


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Personalized Service

We work one-on-one with federal employees to verify when MRA is achieved, and illustrate what their projected pension is at their desired retirement date


We educate our clients on the details of their current benefits, pensions and retirement options

Retirement Planning

Our goal is to help our clients build a solid foundation so that they have what they need at retirement